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Visiting Bailee Madison on the "Good Witch" Set

Bailee is a ray of light. See for yourself!

I was so happy to be invited to the set of Good Witch to chat with Bailee Madison, the star of the Hallmark Channel series, last month. In between shooting her last scenes of the show's third season, we talked about Christmas, fashion, her career as a producer, girl power, building confidence + more!

If you aren't familiar with her or her work, Bailee is an absolute ray of human sunshine. I was so impressed and charmed by her eloquence and grace. 

Of our entire meeting, my favourite part was playing #TransformationTuesday with her. Watch now!

Click the links below to check out the other full interview segments!

Thanks for shining your light on YSBnow, Bailee!

Until next time,



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