Get to know Julianna

As a child in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Julianna fell in love with storytelling by creating for local poetry contests, public speaking tournaments, film festivals and school publications. She currently lives in Toronto where she recently completed a bachelor of journalism degree (with a minor in public relations) at Ryerson University. For planning and executing record-breaking online campaigns on behalf of the university’s Student Affairs department, Julianna was recognized with their inaugural Digital Community Building award. She was then tapped by ACPA (College Student Educators International) and travelled to Montreal to help lead their 2016 conference’s social media command centre. That same year, she was BuzzFeed’s top user in the month of February and received the Jean Pasquantonio Tudor Memorial Newspaper Journalism Award from Ryerson’s School of Journalism (RSJ) for having the highest cumulative grade point average in her newspaper stream. She was awarded by the RSJ again in 2017 with the Linda Shutt Memorial Scholarship for demonstrating maturity, initiative and determination in reporting as a third-year student.

As a verified leader, creative mind and self-starter, Julianna engages with over 100,000 combined social media followers and reaches approximately 7 million readers via her affiliated outlets. Best known for her interviews with numerous celebrities including Nina Dobrev, Idris Elba, Brie Larson, Nick Cannon, The Vamps and Bailee Madison, Julianna conceives and produces her own questions, games and segments with talent. She passionately believes in promoting self-love, body positivity, intersectional feminism, mental health awareness and other identity affirming values through her work at YSBnow. Among all, though, she wants her colleagues, readers and viewers to know that she takes greatest pride in her originality as she is most motivated to redefine tradition in media and capture attention from within the ceaseless information streams of dashboards, timelines and newsfeeds alike.